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Everybody sees the same sky, but when we look up, we see something AMAZING.

Amazing Starts Here.


We give you the type of structured training that every airline desires when picking the best people for the most coveted positions on an aircraft flightdeck. We offer training under both Part 61 and Part 141.

Each student is given the job interview and preparation skills to land a job with the widest number of airlines available in the industry. It is more than JUST an interview; it is a career you want … we get you there quickly, effectively, and safely.

It is more than days a year you can fly, it is the total number of hours and the comfort in which you can safely experience them. At Apus Air you benefit from the Southern California Flying Experience which gives you the greatest opportunity to log hours day after day.

In a single flight you can easily go from 70 miles of ocean-front beaches to inland valleys to mile-high mountain peaks to the desert parks of the Anza-Borrego to an agriculturally rich Imperial Valley and Salton Sea. You have the opportunity to experience more here than anywhere else.

There is more variety within 20 miles of Apus Air than any other school on the planet. From multiple Class Bravo commercial and military operations to class 8 controlled civil aviation runways to small uncontrolled strips. Here you have the opportunity to be exposed to virtually anything you will find in your career. We also have one of two "tower enroute" corridors available in the United States.