Apus Air Flight Training is looking to add additional aircraft to our flight line. If you are interested in owning an aircraft, our leaseback program is a great way to
offset the expenses and even profit from the partnership. For additional information, contact Scott at 619-562-1075 or scrank@apusair.com

It's simple...

  • If you own an aircraft, you can earn money by renting it out to our members.
  • If you don't yet own one, we can help you buy one.
  • We'll take care of the aircraft on your behalf.


What's An Aircraft Leaseback Program?

Many flying clubs, flight schools and aircraft dealers provide services whereby aircraft owners can make their aircraft available for rental through an agreement commonly referred to as a "leaseback" (there are many different names for this same thing, but let's use leaseback for this introduction). These "leaseback operators" take care of scheduling, dispatching, billing and often maintenance of the aircraft. To a certain degree, the aircraft owner may be involved in overseeing the aircraft's operation and management so as to treat the leaseback's taxable status as an active (vs. passive) investment.


Why Would I Leaseback My Aircraft?

Some of the principal reasons for putting an aircraft in a leaseback are to:

  • keep the aircraft flying often and prevent idle deterioration - planes like to fly
  • earn rental income to help pay for the aircraft
  • fly the aircraft for less than the cost of renting an identical one
  • claim the aircraft as a depreciating, tax-deductible business asset

If properly structured, a leaseback can be a profitable investment. However, some leaseback programs are designed to maximize income for the leaseback operator, not the aircraft owner, so be careful of the agreement terms when choosing where to leaseback your aircraft. See below for common pitfalls.