Private Pilot

In as little as 35 hours of flight training, you can become a private pilot. This will allow you to fly anywhere in the United States and is the first step of becoming a professional pilot! Being a private pilot has many advantages. You can take a loved one, children, friends, or anyone you want to any location. Imagine flying a spouse to St.Catalina Island for dinner and back in time for the 11 o’clock news. All of this and more is possible with your private pilot license.

Instrument Pilot

With an Instrument Rating, you’ll be able to go wherever you want, but now more often. You’ll no longer be constrained to flying in the most optimal of weather conditions, or have to take a back seat to commercial jet traffic. This license will allow you to fly under a new set of flight rules in which a controller will guide you to your destination over the radio.  The instrument rating will also make you a more advanced and safer pilot and will teach you to fly the way commercial airlines operate.

Commercial Pilot

Put your flying to good use. With a Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can fly airplanes for hire. Whether it be for a local company, your own personal aerial photography business, or perhaps introducing others to the wonders of aviation, the Commercial Pilot Certificate will allow you to explore more horizons in the field of aviation. Additionally, you will become eligible to begin training as a Certified Flight Instructor (also a course at Apus Air Flight Training), and be able to teach others to fly.


For many pilots, their first paid aviation job is as a flight instructor. If you are interested in using the skills you have learned to teach others, build hours, and make money, our CFI/CFII/MEI program is perfect for you.

Accelerated Courses

If you are interested in jumping on the fast track to getting your flight ratings, there is no better place to fly than Treasure Coast Flight Training. With 7 day a week training available, structured curriculum, experienced instructors, a beautiful weather year round, TCFT can get you where you want to be in far less time than anyone else. Plus with extremely affordable accommodations available, we can even help keep you on the tightest budget.

I spent my Sophomore summer vacation getting my private pilot license. It was so worth it and something no one else did.
— International Student from NYU
It is my official workplace ice-breaker topic now. The minute you tell your colleague or client that you are working on a pilot license, they look at you differently.
— Consultant, PwC
I love the freedom of renting a Warrior from Apus Air on a sunny Saturday morning, fly to Santa Catalina in an hour, go down to Avalon and take the boat out. Nothing beats the clear blue sky and clear blue water.
— local student

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