Program Overview

Apus Air is a FAA 141 approved flight training school serving students from all over the world. We help our students achieve their dreams in aviation for both personal interest and professional development.

Students complete their ground training through both CFI-instructed and self-study curriculum. Students receive their flight training through a combination of one-on-one instructing and self time-building. Our syllabus allow students to learn and enhance their ability get ready for respective knowledge tests and FAA check rides. Apus Air also provides housing and transportation to those in need. Students also participate in extra-curriculum activities that will ease their cultural gap with the American life. 


Work Hours & Holidays

Apus Air’s regular work hours are Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm.


Apus Air LLC observes the following holidays:

·      New Year’s Day

·      Memorial Day

·      Independence Day

·      Labor Day

·      Thanksgiving Day

·      Day after Thanksgiving Day

·      Christmas Day

·      Chinese National Day

·      Spring Festival

·      Mid-Autumn Festival

Specific dates can be found at the entrance to school. 


Attendance Policy

In flight training, attendance equates to success. Unexcused absences will result in delay in your training. Training will be scheduled for you Monday-Friday. Weekend flying may be possible for those flying long cross-country. Attendance guidelines are as follows:

·      All absences require a note written by the students, signed by your instructor as approval, and delivered to the training coordinator at least 24 hours prior to your planned absence.

·      Once the training coordinator receives the note, he/she will cancel your booked training. You will be notified of the cancellation by email. Make sure you receive the email for your cancellation.

·      If a note is not received by the training coordinator, the absence will be considered unexcused.

·      If you miss a class without notifying your instructor AND the training coordinator, you will be charged for an hour of instruction time (if ground class) and an hour of flight time (if flight class was scheduled for). 

·      If you need to be away for longer than 2 days, a note needs to be delivered to the president for approval. You need to list the reason for such absence and the location you will be at during the absence. You will need your instructor’s signature prior to delivering the note to the president.

·      Five unexcused absences will equate to a probation on the applicable student.    

Dress Code


1.All students are expected to wear uniform for their training.

2.Clothing should be neat, clean and seasonally appropriate.

3.All students are expected to practice good daily hygiene.

4.Heels are not allowed for flight training.

Accident Avoidance


·      Student should not fly across the border. Any consequences caused by student leaving the United States with Apus Air’s aircraft will be the responsibility of the student’s (and the instructor’s if on the plane together).

·      Make sure you tie down the planes properly when leaving outside; make sure you park the plane carefully when in hangar. And damage caused by improper tie down or collision shall be the reimbursed by the responsible party to the school.

·      Please refer to the SOP for more information regarding accident avoidance. 


Apus Air Refund Policy


1.     The departing student should notify school official verbally of his/her intention and obtain an Application for Suspension or Termination Form.

2.     By signing and turning in the Student Application for Suspension or Termination Form, the student acknowledges his/her disenrollment and termination of his/her contract with Apus Air, effective immediately. For international students, Apus Air needs this date to terminate or transfer his/her I-20 and report to Immigration Bureau of the student’s action. Student’s account will be frozen immediately upon disenrollment. Any additional payment/refund shall be processed after Apus Air produces an account report.

3.     Apus Air will produce an account report of the departing student within 10 business days of student’s departure (if no housing involved).

4.     If the student has a negative account balance, he/she is required to clear the balance. If the student has a positive account balance, refund will be credit to the account provided by the student after an account report has been produced. Any fees incurred by such transaction will be the student’s responsibility. Penalty will not incur a negative student account balance.

5.   It is the student's responsibility to maintain M-1 status. If a student fails to maintain his/her M-1 status, or leaves the school without written notification to the school management officials. No refund shall be issued. 

6.   Tuition refunds or outstanding fee liabilities for students who officially withdraw through the admission office, or who change their status from full-time to part-time or further reduce their part-time status, will be made according to the following schedule. All dates according to the first school arrival date of the students. 

* Expelled students will receive formal notification letter sent to their mailing address on file. Students who choose to leave without returning signed formal notification letter will be considered as quitting. 










*Apus Air LLC reserves the right to revise, update and change this manual without advance notice to its students and/or employees. This manual is supplemental to school's SOP. Any major changes may be posted to students via email. To get the most updated student manual, please visit this website