Traveling From All Over the World.

Apus Air Flight Training welcomes aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. We have been approached by students from Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Spain, China, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and many other countries. We fully appreciate the diversity and try hard to meet the different needs of each individual.

International students have to meet specific requirements to become student pilots in the United States. For example, TSA Clearance is required for every non-US citizen student prior to the initiation of flight training. Apus Air is experienced in assisting our International Students in completing the process correctly and efficiently. 

Contact us today at to find out how Apus Air Flight Training can help you in every step of the way of becoming a pilot. Our instructors can reach out to you via phone calls or video chats no matter where you are. We also specialized in FAA license transfer/conversion. Call or email for more detail.